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Up-To-Date Immigration Reform News

Here at Velie Law Firm, we think it is important to stay informed about immigration reform news in the USA. That’s why we have viagra made it easy with our weekly new updates on the topic. To learn about the latest developments, tune in regularly to our websites, or

How Children Pushing for Immigration Reform are the Newest Civil Rights Leaders

Kids are often discredited when it comes to activism and knowledge of social issues. However, an article published by, throws a wrench in that assumption. On Nov. 16, kids marched with Civil Rights leaders in the name of immigration reform. Over 200 immigrant children aligned with civil rights leaders, who were present at the 1963 Children’s Crusade in Birmingham, Ala., to march on Washington to pressure Congress, specifically Speaker of the House R-John Boehner, to reopen previously tabled immigration reform discussions.

One protester, 16-year-old Jennifer Martinez expressed extreme dissonance after Boehner assured her, after being confronted at a rally, he would “act on reform,” but hours later said he would not be addressing the issue any further.

Martinez responded, “I didn’t come all the way from Washington to be lied to. He could have saved me the trouble…I would have preferred honesty. He told us one thing and then hours later, he says another.”

Martinez’s anger is understandable. According to the article, many of these children live in fear of their parents’ deportation. Several of the children have had a parent deported only to learn of their death.

According to the article, “Erica Analco, 12, was seven years old when her father was deported back to Mexico. He was “assassinated soon afterwards,” presumably by drug cartel members…she fears foster care if her undocumented mother is deported.”

Immigration reform is about far more than just people “taking American jobs.” It’s about keeping families together and affording people the right to live out their own American dream. We cannot do that with discrimination and lack of action.

Link to article: Enough With Immigration Stall

According to major political publication, POLITICO,, a Mark Zuckerberg-funded issues advocacy group, released a new round of ads targeting immigration reform, this time with a much more direct tone.

The group’s former ads, POLITICO states, tried to persuade with a much gentler tone offering “cover to Senate Republicans who’ve supported immigration reform by highlighting conservative messaging points.” However, the new ad entitled “Why We Wait,” offers no shelter to those still teetering between pro and anti immigration reform.

The video, just over one minute long, depicts quotes from various U.S. officials, including President Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner about the need for reform. overlays these quotes with footage from border patrols stating: “On this, both parties say they agree. Yet, we wait.”

The organization calls on the American people to urge Congress to resume negotiations on immigration reform declaring, “Americans are tired of empty rhetoric.”

While the video remains bipartisan, it does call into question Boehner’s recent comments about his intention to not engage in formal discussions  with the Senate on the subject of immigration. This change in perspective is a quick turnaround for Boehner, who seemed to champion immigration reform and negotiations following the latest presidential election.

POLITICO states uses Boehner’s post-election quote at the conclusion of the “Why We Wait” ad to futher drive home its point.

“It’s an important issue that I think ought to be dealt with,” Boehner said at the time. “This issue has been around far too long. And while I believe it’s important for us to secure our borders and to enforce our laws — I think a comprehensive approach is long overdue. And I’m confident that the president, myself, [and] others can find the common ground to take care of this issue once and for all.”

To watch the video:

Huffington Post: Immigration is Delayed, Not Dead

Alex Nowrasteh, an Immigration Policy Analyst for the Cato Institute’s Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity,  recently posted an optimistic article in the Huffington Post entitled “Immigration is Delayed, Not Dead.”

Nowrasteh presents compelling evidence for optimism in the current political maelstrom that is immigration reform. He cites both ideology and political self-interest as reasoning behind the Republican House’s motivation to pass immigration reform in 2014.

Ideology is extremely important when examined critically. First, Republicans aim to support free-market economies and oppose big government, which, according to Norasteh, is a direct contradiction to their lack of support for immigration reform. Without immigrants to continue working, the free market economy stalls, and big government has no choice but to intervene and support those who cannot support themselves.

In support of this idea, Nowrasteh states, “Free-markets require mobility of workers that can move to economic opportunities, but government immigration regulations hinder that. Workers are a huge part of our economy and immigration reform will, to a small but important degree, free up that market to our economy’s benefit.”

By providing economic benefit, there should be no qualms for immigration reform, right? Wrong. Political self-interest, according to the author, plays a large part in anti-immigration debate, too. Whether we like it or not, this nation was, and continues to be, built by immigrants. Republicans who oppose immigration reform do not have the greatest footing amongst the large immigrant population in the United States, obviously.

Nowrasteh cites New Jersey and Virginia’s gubernatorial races as evidence for his claim. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a supporter of immigration reform, won a landslide victory in the state with 51% of the Hispanic vote. Yet, Rep. Ken Cuccinelli, who lost his race for Governor of Virginia, a vehement opposer of immigration reform, only received 29% of the Hispanic vote in his home state.

These numerical values may not seem like much, but in the world of politics it is imperative that candidates recognize their constituency. According to Nowrasteh, “There are 11.7 million unauthorized immigrants in the United States who will not give up asking for legal status.” Meaning, these people will not give up their U.S.-born children, families and jobs on fear of deportation. Immigration reform can, and will happen, if the opposition simply re-evaluates their perspective.



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Immigration Reform News in the USA

Here at Velie Law Firm, we think it is important to stay informed about

Immigration Reform News

Immigration Reform News

in the USA. That’s why we have made it easy with our weekly new updates on the topic. To learn about the latest developments, tune cialis online 20mg in regularly to our websites, or





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Apply For Your Green Card in the USA

Apply for your green card

Apply for your green card

Not sure how to apply for your green card in the USA? Velie Law Firm can provide free strategy, flat fee pricing, payment plan, and cialis online pills a guarantee. Call the firm at 405-310-4333 or email us at to set up an appointment with an immigration attorney. You can also check out Velie Law Firm’s Menu of Visas at to find a comprehensive list of green card options and videos.